Estepona animal shelter suffers serious damage in Sierra Bermeja fire

Adana has launched a public appeal for funds after the fire destroyed storage buildings and forced the evacuation of more than 100 dogs


An Estepona animal charity is appealing for cash donations from the public after the Sierra Bermeja fire caused 50,000 euros' worth of damage to its shelter.

Adana animal shelter (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals) had to evacuate over 100 dogs last Sunday after the fire came within metres of the building.

The fire burned all the surrounding storage buildings and water pipes, leaving the shelter uninhabitable.

Now staff and volunteers are busy cleaning up what's left of the shelter and assessing what has been destroyed and what needs replacing. Susie Brown, Adana President, told SUR in English: "We are desperate for donations. Our whole world has been turned upside down.

"Our outer building is a smouldering wreck; there's literally nothing left of it. Inside were all our blankets, sheets, toys, a spare generator and all the stuff we use for our fundraising events.

"The pipes that delivered water from the mountains are all burnt too, so we have no running water at Adana now."

Susie, who has been a volunteer at the charity for the past 18 years, said that only two weeks ago a fire break was built outside the main building, which saved it.

She explained how she and her husband Reg Winkworth, who is the treasurer at Adana, spent five sleepless nights at the shelter keeping an eye on the fire, before the decision was taken to evacuate all the dogs at 12 noon last Sunday, due to the approaching flames.

"We had an evacuation plan so it all went very smoothly," she said.

"The dogs are all currently at different foster homes all along the coast, but we've still got pockets of fire around us, so it's not safe for them to return yet.

"We don't want people coming up to help us, as it's not safe. And we don't need donations of anything, as we've nowhere to store anything at the moment. But we are grateful for any financial assistance."

For more information on how to donate funds to the shelter visit