A still from the advertisement campaign. / SUR

Costa del Sol doubles its spend at London's World Travel Market to woo back the British

At its heart, the 600,000 euro Suntalgia campaign features a commercial shot, in English, with a British actor at locations in Malaga province and Bristol


At a time when British tourists on the coast are at unprecedented low levels, Costa del Sol Tourism is aiming to win them back at the World Travel Market (WTM), which opens on Monday, 1 November, in London.

It does so with a spend of 600,000 euros – double previous amounts - and with a pioneering advertising campaign at its heart that was shot, in English, at locations in Malaga province and Bristol in the UK and featuring British actor, Hunter Tremayne.

Under the slogan Suntalgia - a creative expression that unites the concepts of sun and nostalgia – the production should receive around 50 million views on some 500 screens distributed around the city of London.

After noting the disastrous impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on the British holidaymaker market, with 2021 figures worse than those of 2020, the president of Costa de Sol Tourism, Francisco Salado emphasises that "extraordinary situations demand taking extraordinary measures and the coast goes to London with more force than ever before.”

Safe destination

Salado said the objective it to show the coast’s main market that “we are a safe destination, of enormous quality, revived and, above all, awaiting you with open arms.”

The head of the tourist board acknowledged that, because of tight coronavirus restrictions, in 2020 barely half a million passengers arrived at Malaga Airport from the United Kingdom, which represents a decrease of 81 per cent compared to almost three million in 2019. And in 2021 things got worse with the drop being particularly felt in the accommodation sector, which has lost 49 per cent of overnight stays so far this year compared to 2020.

British Covid travel restrictions

Salado referred to the British Government restrictions to combat Covid, “a policy very different from that of most European countries and marked by its continuous changes of criteria. And, as you know, uncertainty is never good for tourism,” he said.

"Both for Costa del Sol Tourism, and for the entire economy of our province, it is vital to recover our main foreign market," announced Salado.

“The challenge is huge and we have taken an exceptional gamble. It is the first time in the history of Costa del Sol Tourism that we have recorded our own commercial with filming in the United Kingdom, in English and with British actors,” highlighted Salado.

“As you will see, we do not lack resources or ideas to win the British back. We will spare no effort to reach the hearts of the British," he concluded.