José Carrasco. File photograph. / SUR

Casares mayor reassures that right now 'there is no danger' in the town from the Sierra Bermeja fire

Infoca's efforts, this Monday, include containing the eastern flank of the blaze and its advance towards Casares and Monte Duque


The mayor of Casares, José Carrasco, has explained this Monday (13 September) that, right now, the Sierra de Bermeja fire is well away from the town, so "there is no danger."

Firefighters continue their battle against the fire which is still burning out of control, after it was declared last Wednesday, and already affects 7,400 hectares. Six villages to the north in the Genal Valley have been evacuated as a precaution.

Last night Infoca said work was "intense" on all fronts, although, according to the forest fire brigade they worked with "generally better conditions around the perimeter." At this time, they explained, efforts are aimed at containing the eastern flank and its advance towards Casares and Monte Duque.

With regards to this, the mayor of Casares has detailed that the fire in the municipality is mainly in the southern area of Sierra Bermeja, an area that faces the coast but "right now there is no danger at all" to the town.

But he has also spoken of another point, where the municipality adjoins Genalguacil, where "it is entering the town a bit", but "they are working with powerful machinery and with great efforts."

"There is a danger that it could advance towards the town.They are trying to contain it, but we are not in danger right now," he insisted.

He reiterated that the danger is far from the population saying, "Right now we are relatively calm in relation to the risk.”