Bishop of Malaga lifts the ban on processions, but reserves the option to authorise them

Bishop of Malaga lifts the ban on processions, but reserves the option to authorise them

he brotherhoods or parish priests must notify the diocesan delegation of brotherhoods one month in advance of planned events


Tuesday, 5 October 2021, 11:14

The Bishop of Malaga, Jesús Catalá, has signed a decree this Wednesday, 15 September, lifting the veto he issued in January for the celebration of acts of worship on public thoroughfares, including processions.

One day after Seville and the dioceses of its ecclesiastical province gave the green light to the resumption of the processions, Malaga has done the same - but with conditions.

In the new decree, the Malaga diocese says “prior reliable communication from the parish priests or organising brotherhoods will be required. Said communication must be made at least one month in advance of the celebration, so that it can, if it deems it appropriate, decide on the matter."

In other words, the Bishopric reserves the right to authorise processions on a case-by-case basis.

Diocese sources have clarified to SUR that this will allow them some control in relation to the health situation "because the circumstances are constantly changing" and maintains this control only to "guarantee that the health regulations at the time are met."

The Bishopric has reminded that "acts of external worship and celebrations in which use of the public thoroughfare is made must at all times respect the health measures and have the authorisation of the competent authorities and the relevant municipal licenses”, adding "the person in charge, parish priest or brotherhood, will have to strictly comply with the corresponding state, regional or local regulations.”



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