Mayor José Ortiz (centre with Peralta on his left) with the recipients of the awards at the ceremony in Torremolinos. sur
Torremolinos honours Salvador Moreno Peralta during tourist day celebrations

Torremolinos honours Salvador Moreno Peralta during tourist day celebrations

The prestigious Malaga architect was among the list of winners who were honoured in a ceremony held at the Hotel Pez Espada on Tuesday

Tony Bryant

Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 12:32


Torremolinos has celebrated the 32nd edition of the Día de Tourista, a day dedicated to tourism when personalities and companies that form part of the daily life of the municipality are recognised and rewarded for their direct relationship with the development of the town as a tourist destination.

Tourist Personality award

The main recognition (Tourist Personality) was awarded to prestigious Malaga architect Salvador Moreno Peralta, who has played an active role in the development and growth of Torremolinos. Peralta is the protagonist of the design of buildings and infrastructures such as the pedestrianised boulevard and the restructured areas of the Plaza Costa del Sol and Avenida Palma de Mallorca, among others.

The ceremony was held on Tuesday in the iconic Hotel Pez Espada, which was also recognised for being a benchmark of tourism in the municipality for more than 50 years.

Award for international music festival organiser

The Instalación de Playa 2021 award went to the Playa Youssef in La Carihuela, noted for its excellent beach and services; while the organiser of the coveted Rockin Race Jamboree, Guillermo Cantero, was acknowledged for masterminding an international music festival that “transcends national borders” and attracts visitors to the resort outside of the high season.

Hotel Employee 2021

Other awards were presented to local residents María Jesús Carrasco Rogado, who received Hotel Employee 2021 for her dedication and professionalism as reception manager of the Hotel MS Amaragua; while the Hospitality Employee 2021 was given to José Antonio Rubio Tirado, a waiter at the long-serving restaurant El Pórtico.

The ceremony was attended by the town’s mayor, José Ortiz, who said: “We wanted to reward such important figures like the architect Salvador Moreno Peralta, whose hallmark is present in our town.

“Torremolinos is an icon and benchmark in terms of tourism thanks to all of the professionals, establishments and hotel companies that serve those who choose to visit us and that guarantee that they want to return every summer.”


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