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Costa Red Cross to receive aid from 13th-century tradition

Costa Red Cross to receive aid from 13th-century tradition

Torremolinos will host an event with nine 'Tuna' musical ensembles from across Spain who perform traditional Iberian music

Tony Bryant

Monday, 11 October 2021, 18:08


Torremolinos is to host the first edition of a charity event that will bring together nine 'tuna' groups from around Spain in aid of the Cruz Roja (Spanish Red Cross).

The competition next month will see groups from Madrid, Barcelona, Pamplona, Seville, Malaga, and one from Eindhoven (Holland), perform for around 20 minutes each in the hope of becoming the reigning champions of the competition.

Tunas, musical ensembles that recreate a tradition that originated in Spain and Portugal in the 13th century, perform with guitars, lutes and mandolins. The melodies contain a special richness born from a mixture of cultures where this ancient tradition is performed.

The clothing worn by the musicians derives from that worn by sixteenth-century Iberian students, who used their talents to provide an income. Today, the ensembles consist of people who share a common passion to keep the musical tradition alive.

The event will begin in the Plaza Costa del Sol on Friday 5 November at 3pm, with an inaugural ceremony to introduce all of the participating groups.

A parade will leave the square at 5pm and head to the town hall, where performances will take place in Plaza Blas Infante and Plaza Federico García Lorca from 9pm.

The finals of the competition will be held at the municipal auditorium from 5pm on Saturday 6 November: this will be followed by a gala trophy presentation dinner held at the Hotel Cervantes at 9pm.

Tickets for the finals cost 5.18 euros, while tickets for the gala dinner cost 40.60 and are available from

A percentage of the proceedings will be donated to the Torremolinos branch of the Red Cross.

Councillor for Social Services César Carrasco said, “We recognise the huge amount of work the Red Cross does in our town and we hope that this solidarity competition will help the organisation to continue helping people in need during these difficult times.”


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