Protest organised against the "restrictions" on motorhomes in Nerja and Vélez-Málaga

The caravanning association has complained that Torre del Mar does not allow overnight stays while Nerja bans parking altogether


The Estatal Karavaning organisation, also known as, has called its members and supporters to join a protest march between the towns of Nerja and Torre del Mar on 22, 23 and 24 October. According to the group, both towns are known in the world of caravanning and motor homing "for their restrictive by-laws, not allowing overnight stays in the case of Torre del Mar and not even allowing parking in the case of Nerja".

"These are clearly discriminatory positions, as they are not based on safety arguments and contradict the guidelines set by the Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) for local authorities to regulate their parking spaces," said the group.

The organisation’s spokesperson added that they had been "contacting both councils for more than a year, receiving evasive or inconclusive answers that have led to the call for this march, which will be the precursor to other pressure measures."

The motorhome phenomenon has been controversial in the Axarquía for several years. At the beginning of 2019 complaints were registered about the massive presence of these vehicles in one of the car parks on Nerja’s El Playazo beach. Subsequently, in March 2020 the town hall initiated a surveillance campaign, which resulted in dozens of sanctions and warning signs being installed in various areas around the town.

Nerja town hall claimed it had acted "in response to complaints from residents". It added, "We are doing nothing more than complying with the current regulations for this type of vehicle,” and stressed that one of the electoral commitments of the ruling PP party is to provide the town with an area for the parking of motorhomes.

"Talks have been held with a private initiative and, in the event that they do not come to fruition, it will be carried out by the Town Hall," it concluded.