Young people on their way to a holiday apartment. File photograph. / SALVADOR SALAS

Airbnb cancels almost 2,000 bookings in Malaga to avoid illegal parties

The company said that its measures are 'helping to eliminate the kind of behaviour that has absolutely no place on the platform'


During the summer of last year, the holiday home rental platform Airbnb announced changes to its reservation system to prevent the apartments it offered from becoming illegal party places.

After the end of the first state of alarm in Spain, Airbnb began to detect cases and receive alerts about young people who used the rental homes as substitutes for nightclubs or meeting points due to the closure of nightlife and the implementation of curfews to contain the pandemic.

As a result, the company developed an algorithm-based programme to filter out possible violations against the health regulations. And, according to Airbnb in a statement issued this Tuesday (31 August), almost 2,000 reservations in Malaga have been cancelled.

In particular, reservations made by guests under the age of 25, who do not have any history on the platform, are put under scrutiny.

«The measures restrict - in certain circumstances - some reservations from guests under the age of 25, without a history of positive reviews, and were introduced after the success of similar programmes carried out in the United States and Canada, where a decrease in unauthorised parties was seen» the company said.

The general director of marketing of Airbnb, Mónica Casañas, wanted to emphasise, however, that the behaviour of the majority of the platform's clients is exemplary. «In Spain, thousands of stays are made every night, the majority being respectful and considerate travellers. These measures are helping to eliminate the kind of behaviour that has absolutely no place on Airbnb,« he said.

Nationwide, according to Airbnb, a total of 50,000 reservations have been cancelled. The city in which the most reservations have been vetoed was Madrid, followed by Barcelona and Valencia. Malaga is in fourth position.