Mark Whalen poses with his work 'hear no, see no, say no'.
The CAC introduces the ironic sculptures of Mark Whalen to the city

The CAC introduces the ironic sculptures of Mark Whalen to the city

Malaga Contemporary Art Centre is showing the first individual exhibition in Spain by this Australian artist who now lives in Los Angeles, USA


Friday, 1 October 2021, 09:34

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The Contemporary Arts Centre is now hosting an exhibition called 'I am just here' by artist Mark Whalen, whose work is halfway between 'kitsch' and pop with hints of surrealism and in which his gaze is set on everyday life. "I want to create sculptures that provoke sensations and feelings," he said at the presentation of his first individual exhibition in Spain. It consists of 22 pieces created specifically for this show, which can be seen at the CAC until 28 November.

Unusually for the CAC, the normally white walls have been painted pale pink to set off Whalen's works, something which was the artist's choice. "The colour contrasts with the sensations that some of my works produce, and I find that exciting," he said.

The curator of the display, Patricia Bueno del Río, describes his works as reflecting an existential restlessness, especially in the expressions of pain on some of the faces created by the artist. "Whalen creates myths and opens the Pandora's box of the subconscious," she says.

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