Escaped ox causes a commotion in the centre of Torre del Mar

The animal, on Monday evening, on the streets of the coastal town.
The animal, on Monday evening, on the streets of the coastal town. / SUR
  • The animal travelled some 300 metres through streets of the town before it was rounded up

An ox that escaped from a livestock farm in Torre del Mar on Monday evening was safely rounded up in the Axarquia town by its owner.

A few minutes before 7pm, for reasons that are unknown and are being investigated, the animal managed to escape from the farm where it lives and travelled some 300 metres through the town centre.

Photographs and videos of the incident soon flooded social media networks.

The animal’s owner was on the scene in just three minutes, and safely captured with the beast without any reports of any personal injuries or damage.

Laura Delgado, an employee of a Mi Colchón shop, explained to SUR that the bull passed by her door "very quickly."

Head of the Local Police in Vélez-Málaga, José Andrés Montoya, said that when a patrol arrived on the scene, the owner had already taken charge of the ox. However, officers took a statement from the farmer. The enclosure where the livestock is kept has a perimeter fence two-metres high, so it is being investigated if it escaped due to a human error or a hole in the fence.

The ox is of a breed that is still used in agricultural work and to pull floats in pilgrimages.