Sierra Bermeja forest fire will be fully extinguished 'within days'

Aircraft in action during the Sierra Bermeja fire.
Aircraft in action during the Sierra Bermeja fire. / JOSELE
  • Infoca specialist firefighters are still damping down after the huge blaze forced the evacuation of 2,600 people from their homes and affected eight Malaga municipalities

The full extinction of the Sierra Bermeja forest fire, declared on 8 September and controlled since the 14 September, is getting "ever closer", the Junta de Andalucía’s spokesperson, Elías Bendodo, has confirmed.

Speaking to journalists in Malaga he said that "it will be a matter of days" before the fire is considered fully out, although this depends on "many circumstances", among which he cited the steepness of the terrain and weather conditions.

"It is a steep area, and it has been a very complicated sixth-generation fire, and the extinction is more complex", he stressed, adding Plan Infoca specialist firefighting units are still working in the area: "We hope that as soon as possible it can be considered fully out".

Three are still 25 forest firefighters, three pumping engines and an environmental agent working on the site.

Six days

The fire, which raged out-of-contol for six days destroyed almost 10,000 hectares according to the provisional measurements. At its height there were over 50 aircraft and more than 1,000 people on the ground tackling the flames.

The wildfire also forced the evacuation of more than 2,600 people from their homes as the fire spread across eight Malaga municipalities in the Sierra Bermeja and the Genal Valley areas.