Three arrested after 19-year-old's ecstasy death in Fuengirola

Ecstasy pills recovered during a police operation.
Ecstasy pills recovered during a police operation. / SUR
  • Police officers have arrested the barman who allegedly supplied the pills at a drinks club, and also two men in the supply chain

Some six weeks after the death of a 19-year-old man on the Costa del Sol, three people have been arrested for allegedly being involved in the supply of ecstasy pills to him.

The young man, who lived in Mijas, had been out with friends on Sunday, 15 August, but after the initial high when he took the MDMA, he began to feel unwell. One of his friends accompanied him to the beach to see if he would get over it, but he got worse and eventually passed out. An ambulance rushed him to the Costa del Sol Hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition. Doctors managed to keep him alive for several hours, but the next morning he passed away.

The body of the young man was transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine (IML) in Malaga. After performing a statutory PCR test to rule out that he had coronavirus, an autopsy was performed. SUR has learned that the initial forensic examination pointed to an adverse reaction due to drug use.

National Police officers opened an investigation into the young man’s death and, a month and a half later, they have traced the chain of people who allegedly put the pills into circulation.

Several weeks ago, they identified and arrested a bartender at the drinks club the young man visited, for allegedly supplying him with the ecstasy.

But the investigation did not stop there. The police continued to make enquiries and found two more men who, allegedly, had put the pills into circulation. Both have records for public health crimes and have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the events.

The investigation, however, remains open.