Residents evacuated from Jubrique, Júzcar, Pujerra, Faraján and Alpandeire can go home

Alpandeire on Sunday.
Alpandeire on Sunday. / SUR
  • People from Genalguacil have been told they can't go back yet as the flames from the Sierra Bermeja fire remain too close to the village

Villagers from Jubrique, Júzcar, Pujerra, Faraján and Alpandeire were told on Monday evening that they could go back home after being evacuated on Sunday morning due to the Sierra Bermeja fire.

The regional minister of agriculture, Carmen Crespo, said that only residents from Genalguacil would have to stay away from their homes due to the proximity of the flames on the northwest flank of the fire, which continues burning out of control

The minister explained that the residents of the five villages would go home gradually. "Those who need an ambulance or have reduced mobility will go back from tomorrow [Tuesday]," she explained.

According to information from forest firefighting brigade Infoca on Monday evening, the fire on the south side has now been stabilised, while the west side has been revived by the wind. In the north, "efforts are getting results" and on the east side there are hotspots but no flames.