70-year-old Covid-denier arrested, accused of causing damage worth 25,000 euros

Some of the graffiti sprayed on a building's facade.
Some of the graffiti sprayed on a building's facade. / CNP
  • National Police hunted down the man in Malaga after more than 100 instances of graffiti were found with phrases such as 'Covid19 doesn't exist' and 'TV is the virus'

National Police officers in Malaga have arrested a 70-year-old Spanish man who is accused of causing more than 25,000 euros worth of damage, after allegedly painting coronavirus graffiti on buildings in the city.

The man, who the police consider to be a Covid-denier, is accused of painting messages such as as "Covid19 doesn't exist" and "TV is the virus" on more than a hundred facades of housing blocks, schools and commercial premises.

The damage caused is estimated at about 25,000 euros, according to the police force.

In addition to identifying the suspect, officers also traced the business where he, allegedly, bought the spray paint cans.