British man on holiday dies attempting to cross the A-7 in Puerto Banús on foot

Puerto Banús.
Puerto Banús. / SUR
  • Emergency services could do nothing to save the life of the 20-year-old man on the coastal road in Marbella

A 20-year-old British man on holiday has died early this Monday morning, 23 August, after being hit while crossing the main A-7 coast road on foot, according to authorities.

The Dirección General de Tráfico roads authority (DGT) said the incident happened at around 2am when the emergency services were alerted to the accident on the A-7, at kilometre 173 near Puerto Banús, on the Cadiz carriageway.

Witnesses said there was a young man lying in the road with a serious head injury. Despite the fact that health service were quickly on the scene, they were unable to do anything to save the victim's life.

Sources have told SUR that the incident happened near an accident black spot where, just a few years ago, a metal fence was installed on the concrete wall that separates the lanes to prevent people trying to cross the road.

Just a few metres from the scene of this latest death there is a place to cross the main road safely.