Las Pedrizas and the Costa toll motorways among the most expensive

Automovilistas Europeos has compared the cost of all the toll motorways in Spain.
Automovilistas Europeos has compared the cost of all the toll motorways in Spain. / SUR
  • The AP-46 is in seventh place among the country's dearest 36 toll roads, costing 0.18 euros per kilometre, and the AP-7 is ninth at 0.15 euros

The toll motorways in Malaga province are among the most expensive in the country, according to a study carried out by Automovilistas Europeos Asociados, which shows that the most expensive are in Catalonia and that the cost of travelling on the 36 toll roads in Spain can multiply by seven depending on which stretch you use.

The ranking, which is based on the price per kilometre driven, is headed by the toll at the Túnel del Cadí (C-16), in Girona, where it costs 12 euros to travel 29.7 kilometres, which is the equivalent of 0.40 euros per kilometre. That is rather different from the 0.06 €/km for the 28 kilometres of the AG-57 between Puxeiros-Baiona in Pontevedra, Galicia, and the R-4 from Madrid to Ocaña (87.99 kms).

Looking at the toll prices drivers are having to pay now, in peak season, the AP-46 Las Pedrizas motorway is the sixth most expensive in the country, because the 5.25 euros (3.45 in low season) that it costs to avoid the winding A-45 to get into or leave Malaga city, works out at 0.18 euros per kilometre.

However, it should be noted that the AP-46 is one of the few motorways which are free to use at night (between midnight and 6am for light vehicles and 10pm and 8am for lorries).

That is not the case with the AP-7 Costa del Sol motorway, which is the 10th most expensive in Spain with a price of 0,15 €/km on the stretch between Estepona and Malaga.

At the moment it costs 12.9 euros, (7.95 in winter) to pass through the tolls at San Pedro (5.2€) and Calahonda (7.7). If you want to do the full 105 kilometres of the motorway from Cadiz province, you would have to add the 3.35€ at the toll in Manilva, bringing the total to 16.25€.


The motorways in Malaga province are not the only ones to put their rates up at busiest times of year, as this also applies to the AP-7 from Alicante to Cartagena.

Others, however, apply different rates depending on the time of day, such as the AP-71 (León-Astorga), or whether it is a working day or public holiday, as is the case with the C-16 (San Cugat-Manresa).

Going back to the AEA report, the Catalonian toll motorways are among the most expensive. As well as the Túnel del Cadí mentioned earlier there are two other points to look out for on the same C-16 motorway: the toll at the Túneles de Vallvidriera (Barcelona) and the stretch from San Cugat to Manresa, which cost 0.25 €/km.

The 4.89 kilometres at the Artxanda tunnels near Bilbao cost the same (1.27 euros).

Apart from these, the only stretch of motorway more expensive than Las Pedrizas is the C-32 between Barcelona and Tarragona (Castelldefels-Vendrell), where each kilometre travelled costs 0.22 euros.

Among the cheapest, as well as the 0.06 euros between Puxeiros-Baiona and Madrid-Ocaña, are the stretches between Bilbao-Santurce, Coruña-Carballo, Ocaña-La Roda, Madrid-Guadalajara and Madrid-Toledo, where each kilometre costs 0.07 euros.