Judge orders an autopsy of the 20-year-old woman who died in Marbella with Covid-19

The Costa del Sol Hospital.
The Costa del Sol Hospital. / JOSELE
  • The court has asked the Costa del Sol Hospital to examine the body to clarify the cause of death, as called for by the family in their 'malpractice' complaint

A court in Marbella has ordered an autopsy to be carried out on the body of a 20-year-old woman who died on 8 August with coronavirus at the Costa del Sol Hospital.

The young woman's family has claimed that there was "malpractice", since, according to their version of events, they went to the hospital accident and emergency department on more than five occasions.

On the first visit the 20-year-old was diagnosed with gastroenteritis, but she got worse. "Despite having been vomiting and having diarrhoea for several days, they did not give her fluids," claim the family.

The parents complain that, despite having gone to the emergency department "many times" and their daughter having tested positive for Covid-19 on 4 August, "at no time did they consider keeping her in for observation."

Apparently, according to the family, when they asked why she was not admitted, they were told that there were no beds and that she was not "so serious." The family said that on the 7 August they went to the emergency department again and that, after the young woman fainted in a wheelchair, the hospital admitted her to the intensive care unit, where she died some hours later.

In the family’s complaint, presented by the lawyer Francisco Damián Vázquez, from El Defensor del Paciente, the parents demanded that an autopsy be performed.

According to sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia, the Marbella judge has now asked the Costa del Sol Hospital to carry out this procedure to determine the cause of death.

The hospital said at the time that the health care was "adequate and correct" according to clinical criteria and that the young woman had associated risk factors, in addition to the fact that she had not been vaccinated.