Video | Beachgoers raise alarm as drugs are offloaded on a Marbella beach


A still from the video, as the drugs drop is made / SUR

  • The sun was setting and bathers on the Costa del Sol were enjoying the last rays of the day when the scene unfolded before their eyes

Bathers on a Marbella beach couldn’t believe their eyes when, as the sun was setting, an inflatable boat appeared on the shoreline and dropped four bales of drugs into the sea that were picked up by two men who rushed into the water.

It happened at around 9.30pm on Monday evening, and beachgoers alerted the authorities that a drugs drop was being made but, despite raising the alarm, it was all over in less than a minute, and by the time the police arrived on the scene there was no sign of the boat or the pair who retrieved the bales from the sea.

Although the drug traffickers were not located, the authorities have opened an investigation to try to find them.

Just a few days ago, a similar situation unfolded on the beach in Melicena (Granada). There, two alleged drug-traffickers from Malaga, were tackled by members of the public after they ran their boat, which was being chased by a Guardia Civil craft, onto a busy beach. The boat was loaded with more than 700 kilos of hashish. Members of the public helped the police detain the pair, before they could make off.