Fears 'British' driver has fled Spain after fatal hit-and-run in Marbella

Guardia Civil traffic officers. File photograph.
Guardia Civil traffic officers. File photograph. / SUR
  • An 18-year-old motorcyclist has died, after several days in an intensive care unit, but police have found the suspect's Mercedes car abandoned on the Costa del Sol

Police in Spain are hunting a 'British' car driver after a young motorcyclist died following a hit-and-run accident in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

The young biker, 18, lost his life after spending several days in the intensive care unit of the Regional Hospital in Malaga city.

Guardia Civil officers have been working tirelessly to locate the runaway driver, who left the scene of the incident at the wheel of a high-end rental car that was damaged in the incident.

Sources have told SUR that everything indicates that the person who was behind the wheel of car is a British citizen, but police fear that they have already fled the country.

The crash happened in the early hours on August 11 at around 2.45am when several people alerted the emergency services that they had found a person lying in the road at kilometre 181 of the AP-7, heading in the direction of Malaga. Police investigations indicated that a car driver had hit the motorcycle and fled the scene, leaving the seriously injured young man lying in the road.

One eyewitness gave police a key piece of information explaining that he saw a car stopped a little further down the road, that then left ‘very quickly’.

Guardia Civil officers began an extensive search to locate the car involved, a white Mercedes GLA, and even called workshops and scrapyards to ask them to inform them if they learnt of any damaged vehicles that matched the description.

SUR sources indicate that the car, a rental vehicle, has since been found parked on a residential development in Marbella and police efforts are now focused on finding its driver.

Police believe that they have identified the suspect, a British person, but initial investigations suggest they have already returned to the UK.