Police headquarters transfer to Plaza Picasso meets opposition in Torremolinos

  • Two associations denounce that the building is projected as a cultural space and ask that the City Council revoke its decision

The Museum Forum Torremolinos Association and the Citizen Association for the Defence of Torremolinos have begun a collection of signatures on a petition to prevent the new Local Police headquarters from being located in the unused building in Plaza Picasso.

They allege that this space was designed for museum use. They are calling for the council to withdraw its decision and state that a town museum would be a tourist attraction and help encourage visitors all year round.

"It is the only way to encourage culture in Torremolinos. Furthermore, locating the police there is is unworkable, in a space where there is no security perimeter," explained Emilio Souto, secretary of the associations.

The mayor, José Ortiz, announced recently that the unfinished building in Plaza Picasso would house the new police headquarters, currently located in the Calvario neighborhood.

The petition, which currently has about 170 signatures, emphasises that in 2007 the local government board approved the construction of this building, "planned as a Town Museum."

They state that after the arrival of Ortiz to the mayor's office, a project for a cultural space was presented to him. "We did not get a response, but we will continue fighting," said Souto.