Passenger carrying 10 kilos of cocaine hidden in suitcases arrested at Malaga airport

The recovered drugs.
The recovered drugs. / CNP
  • National Police officers at the Costa del Sol airport detained a 52-year-old man after he arrived on a 'hot list' flight

Airport police in Malaga have arrested a 52-year-old passenger after he was found to be carrying 10 kilogrammes of cocaine hidden in the secret compartments of two suitcases.

National Police officers detained the Bolivian passenger at Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport, after he arrived on a flight from Brazil, via Lisbon.

The drugs find was the result of random searches of passengers ariving on so-called 'hot list' routes. The police spotted an apparently nervous man, who 'acted in an elusive manner' when taking his suitcases from the luggage conveyor belt, so they proceeded to interview him.

The passenger, according to National Police, is a Bolivian citizen living in Granada province. When they inspected his luggage, they found hidden compartments in the suitcases he was carrying. Inside were packages, covered with aluminium foil, which contained a white substance, which turned out to be cocaine with a total weight of 10 kilogrammes.

The arrested man is now being held in custody, awaiting a court appearance.