A strong 4.2 magnitude earthquake is felt in Malaga province

The epicentre of the seismic movement.
The epicentre of the seismic movement. / IGN
  • The epicentre of the quake was registered in the Granada province town of Chimeneas at 11.25pm this Thursday night

A 4.2 magnitude earthquake in Granada province at 11.25pm this Thursday evening (12 August) was also felt by a good number of residents in neighbouring Malaga province.

According to data from Spain’s National Geographic Institute (IGN), the epicentre of the seismic movement was registered in the town of Chimeneas.

So far there are no reports of personal injuries or material damage, although the quake startled many people on the coast.

Just a few minutes later the earth moved again in Granada, in the municipality of Santa Fe, when a 3.1 magnitude earthquake, ten kilometres deep was registered.