A 20-year-old Estepona woman, infected with coronavirus, dies

The Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella.
The Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella. / JOSELE
  • Family sources claim they made seven visits to the Costa del Sol Hospital for her to be treated, but they were sent home on each occasion

A 20-year-old Estepona girl died at dawn last Sunday, 8 August, infected with Covid-19. According to family sources, they went to the Costa del Sol Hospital on seven occasions for her to be treated but, on each occasion, she was sent home, despite testing positive for coronavirus during the second test that was performed.

Last Saturday night, the young woman asked her parents to take her back to the hospital because "she couldn't take it anymore and she was dying." Once there, the doctors could do nothing for her, certifying her death at 1.30am in the morning.

The hospital has pointed out that the patient had associated risk factors and was not vaccinated. It emphasises that the care received was adequate, taking into account the clinical criteria.

The family is preparing to take legal action insisting that the girl did not receive the necessary care to save her life.