Feel Malaga festival will feature more than 70 shows and nearly 1,000 musicians

The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, presents the festival's poster.
The Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, presents the festival's poster. / SUR
  • The musical events begin on Saturday, 14 August, and will last until November with several stages around the city and free admission to most of the shows

From 14 August until November the streets of Malaga will be filled with music as the 'Feel Malaga' festival swings into action, featuring no less than 70 shows on 20 stages around the city, and almost 1,000 musicians.

This Tuesday, 10 August, the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, unveiled the long list of acts – both local and national names - that will take part, with most of the events free to attend.

In all cases, the coronavirus control measures established by the health authorities will be followed.

The festival will kick off on 14 August at the Eduardo Ocón venue, with six copla and flamenco shows.

The Municipal Auditorium will, from 15 August, offer a cast of national artists with Diana Navarro, Aurora Guirado, Morta, Danza Invisible, Efecto Mariposa, Señor Mirinda and Manolo Sarriá from Malaga. They are joined by Rosario, Café Quijano, Miguel Ríos and David de María.

Different stages in the 11 districts of the city will have copla and flamenco shows, which will begin in September and last until November.

The folklore associations of Malaga, the verdiales, will take their place in the 'Feel Malaga' festival at Hacienda Quintana, where every Friday and Saturday in September and October, there will be performances.

And, in November, International Flamenco Day will be commemorated with several days dedicated to this art that will take place at the Museum of Malaga and at the Peña Juan Breva.

Download the programme for Siente Malaga: Click here