Antequera council cancels the August Fair due to the Covid pandemic

Deputy mayor Elena Melero and Mayor Manuel Barón.
Deputy mayor Elena Melero and Mayor Manuel Barón. / A.J.G.
  • There will be no children's attractions or concerts because of the coronavirus situation, although it has been left to the promoter to make a decision about the bullfighting

Antequera's mayor, Manuel Barón, has announced that there will be no municipal activities during the dates of the August Fair from the 18th to 22nd of the month, nor the previous weekend, as the town remains in a Level 3 health alert state.

"Seeing the evolution of the pandemic, we have decided to suspend the activities planned for the fair as well as the children's attractions and the concerts,” said Barón.

"At Level 3 health alert we decided, responsibly, to suspend the August Fair."

Instead, the budgeted amounts for the celebrations will go towards supporting the vulnerable with electricity vouchers and the town’s food bank.

According to Barón, there are currently three people with coronavirus admitted to the intensive care unit and nine on the wards at the local hospital, whose average age is between 29 and 40 years old.

As for the bullfighting programme scheduled for Saturday 21 and Sunday, 22 August, the decision has been left in the hands of the promoter, Jorge Buendía, whether to maintain, modify or suspend it.