Video | Wild goose chase on a Costa beach


The public, Guardia Civil, Local Police and Civil Protection volunteers swoop into action. / SUR

  • With the help of a boat, the bird was finally caught and taken to an animal recovery centre in Rincón de la Victoria

A disorientated wild goose caused a stir when it landed on a packed beach in the Axarquia town of Torrox-Costa at the weekend.

Bathers on the stretch of shore, near the Laguna Beach residential development, got into a flap after the bird landed on the busy sands.

Local Police, Civil Protection volunteers and Guardia Civil officers quickly swooped onto the scene after being alerted by witnesses.

The scared bird entered the sea and began to swim, but because it was disorientated and in danger, the Civil Protection volunteers, with the help of a boat, managed to safely capture it.

The wild goose, which didn’t appear to be injured, was taken to the Don Animal centre, in Rincón de la Victoria, where - once evaluated - it will be returned to its natural habitat.