Health centres start calling 12-year-olds for their Covid jabs

In the 20 and 29 age group some 58 per cent have already had a first jab.
In the 20 and 29 age group some 58 per cent have already had a first jab. / SUR
  • The vaccination campaign in Andalucía is currently open to those over fifteen, but the Junta admits that some health centres have more free slots and are filling them

The vaccination of the last age range to be coronavirus jabbed in Andalucía - the very youngest - is about to become a reality. Some health centres in Malaga province are already calling the parents of twelve-year-old children - the minimum age allowed by the health authorities - to offer the first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday this week, the Andalusian government spokesman, Elías Bendodo, announced that the parents and guardians of fifteen-year-olds will be able to request an appointment for their Covid-19 jab in what he described as another step towards "global immunisation." He also took the opportunity to say that new age groups would continue to be included in the coming days.

And SUR has learned that there are already many cases of the parents of twelve-year-old children who are already being called. When questioned, the regional government’s Ministry of Health admit that this is happening, but they clarified: "it may be happening in some health centres that have the most open agendas, but not in a general way."

The department reminded that only the parents or guardians of those over fifteen years of age should currently request appointments, for now, after Bendodo warned a few days ago that the fourteen-day incidence in the 15 to 20-year-old age group is more than 1,500, almost three times the average.

So far, the response of the Malaga population has been overwhelming regarding the vaccination campaign. There are already 957,360 people fully vaccinated, which represents 56.79 per cent of the entire population of the province. Some 66.95 per cent of the population have now received a single dose.

By age group, among the under-19s there are already 23 per cent who have had the first dose and 2 per cent with the full schedule. The speed of vaccination in the group aged between 20 and 29 is striking with 58 per cent with their first jab and 18 per cent who are fully vaccinated. And, already, half of the people in Malaga between the ages of 30 and 40 are fully vaccinated.