Doctors' union warns of coronavirus pressure in Malaga hospitals

The Clínico hospital in Malaga.
The Clínico hospital in Malaga. / SUR
  • The SMM claims that the number of Covid patients admitted to intensive care units has tripled in the last 14 days, and says that the emergency department situation is 'worrying'

The doctors' union, the Sindicato Médico de Málaga, has claimed that the increase in Covid cases in the province is beginning to saturate hospital services.

The SMM has revealed that in just two weeks the number of coronavirus patients admitted to an intensive care unit has tripled, and the number on a general ward has quadrupled. The association has described the situation in hospital emergency departments as "as especially worrying, since they are the gateway for both coronavirus and other patients."

According to the organisation, figures are being reached that are similar to the peak of the third wave of the pandemic, when an average of more than 100 patients with coronavirus were treated per day in each emergency department.

The SMM says that, in addition to the extra Covid patients, the increase in the number of emergencies with other conditions, is causing a significant overload for the staff, which is also being felt in intensive care units and internal medicine departments. It has claimed that the staff of doctors in hospitals "is insufficient, mistreated and exhausted."

The doctor's union has warned that “things could continue to worsen because, although it is true that vaccination has slowed the impact of the fifth wave, it is still being much more intense than expected: the higher the incidence, the greater the number of infections and the more patients in hospitals.

Therefore, the SMM is appealing to the public for “responsibility” to stop the fifth wave. And it is also calling on the Junta de Andalucía to provide all the resources, including the necessary budgets, so that doctors do not continue to leave Andalucía "because of the pittance they are paid for their work."