Globe-trotting CNN journalist visits the Costa

Richard Quest in Marbella with Prince  Hubertus von Hohenlohe. CNN
Richard Quest in Marbella with Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe. CNN
  • Richard Quest

  • The ever-curious presenter arrived in Malaga to record an episode of Quest’s World of Wonder

British journalist and CNN anchorman Richard Quest arrived on the Costa del Sol this week to record an episode of his popular travel series, Quest's World of Wonders. The globe trotter and ever-curious journalist travels to different destinations in an attempt to discover its DNA - its very essence.

The popular presenter interviews larger-than-life characters on his journeys in order to experience the soul of the destination in an attempt to uncover a side that tourists rarely get to see.

Born in Liverpool in 1962, Quest, who is now based in New York, is no stranger to the coast. His parents bought an apartment in Fuengirola more than 40 years ago and he has visited the area many times over the years, which is one of the reasons he chose it for his latest travel documentary.

CNN researchers had lined up a string of local artisans, bar and business owners and knowledgeable people who live in the area to participate in the production. SUR in English reporter Tony Bryant, who is considered an authority on orthodox flamenco, also participated in the documentary. His involvement included taking Quest to see an authentic flamenco performance and arranging some dance lessons at a local flamenco academy, during which the characteristic presenter attempted to understand the essence of the 'bulería'. Bryant was also tasked with taking Quest shopping to kit him out in suitable attire in order for him to look the part, which Bryant claimed "proved to be an interesting and highly amusing task".

Filming began in Mijas on Monday, when the presenter and his film crew visited the La Boveda de Flamenco, a bar that made an impression on the journalist, especially seeing as it is the central meeting place of the village's stereotypical characters.

He took time out to visit local shops, where he admitted that he is "addicted" to purchasing colourful ceramics and artisan goods. This was confirmed during his stroll around the village.

Other parts of the documentary were shot in Fuengirola, and La Cala de Mijas, where he interviewed the owner of the Snack Attack bar, one of the area's longest serving British pubs.

Royal encounter

One of the highlights of the production arose when Quest arrived in Marbella, where he enjoyed churros and chocolate with Prince Hubertus von Hohenlohe, son of Prince Alfonso, the tourism pioneer who founded the Marbella Club Hotel.

Once filming was over, Quest headed back to Fuengirola to meet up with his sister, who is visiting the town on vacation.