British developers behind 100-million-euro Marbella shopping complex plan

The commercial complex will have common outdoor areas.
The commercial complex will have common outdoor areas. / SUR
  • Currently in the development and planning phase, it could be open by Christmas 2023 if deadlines are met

British developers Citygrove and Burlington are behind plans to create a shopping complex in the Plaza de Toros area of Marbella with a total investment of 100 million euros.

At the moment they are "immersed in the development and planning phase that we hope to be able to conclude this year," explained Manuel Gonzalo de Ligne, Citygrove's director of development in Spain.

The prestigious New York architecture studio KPF, which holds several international awards, has been hired to make a conceptual project with state-of-the-art materials and with a “respect for the environment” as an architectural pillar.

De Ligne said, "It will be a mixture of several concepts: with an open shopping centre, which would be more of a 'mall', open-air common spaces and car parking."

"In a place like Marbella and the Costa del Sol you have to make the most of the wonderful climate," he emphasised.

Some potential business clients have already expressed their interest in the project, and the development director has confirmed, “Some of them do not yet have a presence in Spain but they are interested in Marbella because of its international image.”

Our goal is to be able to open by Christmas 2023 but it depends not only on us, but also on third parties. I believe that we must make an effort to meet that deadline because it will benefit all,” he added.