A four-metre wingspan drug-trafficking drone is seized in Malaga

The seized drone.
The seized drone. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The National Police say four arrests have been made and revealed the gang had a base in the Axarquía, from where they shipped the drugs to France

Officers from Spain's National Police force have helped dismantle an alleged international criminal organisation, made up of French nationals of Northwest African origin, which was based, in part, in the Axarquía region.

During Operation Piñas, the police arrested a member of the network in the Malaga town of Almáchar, where it is alleged the gang handled and stored consignments of hashish and marijuana bound for France.

During a search of one of the houses allegedly used as a drug storage place in Almáchar, officers found a 4.35 metre wingspan drone that was used for the transport of hashish and marijuana between Morocco and Spain, according to the National Police. In the same property, numerous tools used to handle, prepare and ship narcotic drugs and various computer equipment were also seized.

The person was taken into custody in Almáchar under a European arrest warrant and three other people were detained in France.