Green light for Malaga's one-million-euro Christmas decorations

The Local Police controlled access to Calle Larios last year.
The Local Police controlled access to Calle Larios last year. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The crowd-pulling synchronised light and sound shows are expected to return after they were cancelled because of the pandemic in 2020

An extraordinary meeting of the Malaga city council will today (13 July) approve a 2.9-million-euro budget, over the next three years, for its famous festive lights.

It will mean an annual outlay of almost one million euros, an extra 200,000 every year; and a 20 per cent increase from the 798,000 euros which were spent in 2020.

Last year, because of the coronavirus control restrictions, the 'El Bosque de la Navidad' on Calle Larios, did not have an official opening nor did it feature the crowd-pulling synchronised light and sound show that normally attract visitors in their thousands.

The councillor responsible for Malaga's festivities and events, Teresa Porras, argued last May that the 200,000 euro increase in Christmas light spending was aimed at preventing Vigo, on the northwest coast of Spain, from beating Malaga.

"We have a lot to lose and little to gain if the quality of our Christmas lights weakens," she said. For years there has been a competition for which city is better lit, the Galician or the Andalusian.

With the extra funds due to be agreed at the city council meeting, Malaga will keep its nose ahead in the race, spending 65,000 euros more on lights this year than the Galician city.

Porras has also revealed that several extra areas will be illuminated at Christmas, that last year were affected by works on the metro.