Public appeal to help find Malaga woman, missing for two months

Inés Bayene Ngui.
Inés Bayene Ngui. / SUR
  • The 43-year-old has not been seen since the end of April, after travelling to Seville to meet her ex-partner

“In two weeks I will return to Malaga.” That was the last WhatsApp message that Jessica Bayene received from her sister, Inés. She wrote it on 29 April but, since then, the family of the 43-year-old from the coast have not heard from her again.

Spain’s national SOS Desaparecidos missing persons association has now issued a public appeal after the strange disappearance of Inés Bayene Ngui who, although she was born in the Canary Islands - of a Guinean mother and an American father – grew up and lived in Malaga until now.

Nothing more has been heard from Inés for two months, since she travelled to Seville to meet her ex-partner, a man who she had a three-year relationship with, the last of spent at Jessica's house, in the La Palma district of Malaga.

According to Inés's sister, they spent Christmas Eve together but on 29 December, he unexpectedly left the house. Apparently, they discovered that he was in financial trouble after he left, when several people came looking for him to claim money he owed. "I cannot speak ill of him, he has always been good to us, although when he left that way he left us a bit shocked."

The sister of the missing woman says that they did not hear from him again until February, when he contacted Inés on Facebook and asked her to go to Seville to give her "the cash" in order to “fix the problems” he had left behind in Malaga.

According to Jessica, who has reported the disappearance of her sister to the National Police in Malaga, Inés travelled by bus to Seville on 9 April 9 to meet him and they stayed together in a hotel. After that, she told her family that she was going to stay for a few more weeks. At that time, both maintained contact, although now, in view of what happened, Jessica thinks that her sister's behaviour changed.

“At first her WhatsApp messages were longer, but then they became more concise, she said just enough and wanted to end the conversations quickly," she explained.

Since then the mobile phone of the ex-partner of her sister has become unavailable and, shortly, afterwards the same the same happened with Inés’ phone.

“I don't want to think badly, or speculate or accuse anyone, but it is all very strange. My sister wouldn't act like that, she never has. We are very worried about her. Inés has two children, one 21 and the other 15 years old”, said Jessica

Inés is described as 1.77 metres tall, has curly black hair, is athletic in build, and wears prescription glasses.

If anyone thinks they have seen her, or have any clues about her whereabouts, the family asks them to contact the National Police on 091, the Guardia Civil on 062 or the Local Police on 092.

SOS Desaparecidos has also provided the mobile numbers 642 65 07 75 and 649 95 29 57 or the email