Fuengirola launches an aerial surveillance service with drones on all its beaches

The drones have four command posts on the beaches.
The drones have four command posts on the beaches. / SUR
  • Each of the four command posts will include a helipad and have defibrillators at their disposal in case of emergency

The Fuengirola council has launched a surveillance service with drones to improve security on its coastline and facilitate immediate action in case of emergency. Each of the municipality’s four beaches will have a command post that includes a helipad and, new this year, defibrillators for serious incidents.

“Four years ago, we were pioneers in incorporating drones to improve the rescue and lifesaving service on our beaches. Today, many localities do the same and we were the trendsetters of this innovative system, which is tremendously useful for saving lives at sea,” said the local mayor, Ana Mula, when she visited one of the Rescue and Lifesaving command posts on 21 June.

The drones themselves, in addition to facilitating the prevention and localisation of accidents, can grant “vital” minutes of support by casting a float to struggling swimmers while the lifeguards come to their aid. They also include a speaker connected to a transmission station for giving instructions if necessary.

Like the rescue service, the drones will be in operation daily between 11am and 8pm until 15 September.