'It gives us financial security for the next two years at least'

President Bruce McIntyre. SUR
President Bruce McIntyre. SUR
  • The Malaga English Cemetery Foundation's president explains to SUR in English how the new agreement will help ease the current financial problem

The Malaga English Cemetery Foundation's two-year collaboration agreement with the Unicaja Foundation will help the historical graveyard overcome its current financial dilemma.

SUR in English spoke to the foundation's president, former British Consul Bruce McIntyre, who explained how the new agreement will help the cemetery carry out important maintenance work.

What will the new agreement mean for the cemetery?

It gives us financial security for the next two years at least, and we hope to be able to carry some essential maintenance work that needs doing on the cemetery.

How did it materialise?

We were approached by Unicaja. I think they had seen our appeals in the press about having to close the cemetery to the public during the week because of our financial situation during the pandemic.

How did the cemetery survive throughout the pandemic?

We just about kept our heads above water. The gardens were being let go, but thankfully we had some very good volunteers who stepped in and helped out.

Was there ever a possibility that it would have to close permanently?

We could not have closed permanently because we have to allow access to St George's Church, but we could have possibly have had to shut it to the public. Thankfully, this will not happen now.

Will the agreement solve all financial problems?

It's just the tip of the iceberg really, because our main financial problems arose because our income relies on visitors, events and educational activities, which we have not be able to do because of the pandemic. This income is just about sufficient to keep us going.

What do you have planned for the future?

We are hoping to start work on the new memorial garden. This is a project that will now be possible seeing as we have financial support from Unicaja and also from Malaga town hall.