Forecasters warn of a heatwave in Andalucía ahead of the weekend

Cordoba and Seville will register the highest temperatures in the coming days.
Cordoba and Seville will register the highest temperatures in the coming days. / EFE
  • Suffocating heat with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees are expected in all the provinces, except in Malaga and on its Costa del Sol

Summer officially began this week, and its effects are really going to be felt across Andalucía during the next few days. Temperatures will rise throughout the region exceeding 30 degrees and even 35 in some areas.

According to the state weather agency Aemet's forecast, only Malaga and the Costa del Sol will be saved from this increase in temperatures where, due to a change in the winds, temperatures will remain the same or could even drop slightly.

The instability that recently left the rains will disappear, and the experts predict that this summer is expected be warmer than normal.

This Thursday, 24 June, temperatures will start to rise, except on the Mediterranean coast where they will remain unchanged or could even fall. In Cordoba they will reach 35 degrees and 34 in Seville, while in the rest of the provinces they will be around 30 except in Malaga, where a maximum of 26 degrees is expected.

The winds will blow from the east on the Mediterranean coast and, on Thursday evening and Friday strong gusts are expected in the Straits and Cadiz areas where yellow warnings have been activated for winds that could reach 80 km/h.

On Friday the mercury is expected to rise even higher to 36 degrees in Cordoba and Seville with 34 degrees forecast in Granada and Jaén provinces.