Video | Herd of wild boar rounded up on a Costa residential development


Some of the animals that were captured by experts. / SUR

  • Six of the 12 adult and young animals were captured at La Cala del Moral, and they now await a decision about whether they should be released back into the wild or euthanised

Residents in La Cala del Moral were startled in the middle of the night after the appearance of a herd of twelve wild boar - a mix of adults and their offspring - on the streets of the Calaflores residential development, next to the promenade.

After the Local Police were alerted, the officers contacted experts from the Don Animal company, that serves the Rincón de la Victoria and Axarquía areas. Experts used anaesthetic darts and capture loops to catch six of the twelve specimens.

The capture operation lasted some two hours, between 1am and 3am in the morning, and the captured beasts are being housed at the company's premises, while a decision is made about whether they should be returned to the wild or euthanised.

"For a year we have received constant warnings from the residents of this area, and from the Cantal area, next to the Cueva del Tesoro, there is an overpopulation of wild boar, and they are increasingly coming closer to the inhabited areas to look for food in the containers" the head of Don Animal, José Antonio Villodres, explained to SUR.

"The hunting season is from October to April, but there is overcrowding and that is why they go down more often to the streets and residential developments, because they do not have enough food in the mountains", added Villodres, who reckons that each year they capture around fifty specimens, including wild boar and Vietnamese pigs.

The Rincón de la Victoria town hall has said that it continues to "work to control the overpopulation of wild boar in the rural areas of the municipality that end up entering urban areas of the four nuclei".

In fact, last Friday a meeting took place between the council and members of the Guardia Civil’s nature protection service (Seprona) to address this problem.