British man, who shot at police, arrested after a high-speed chase

The revolver and the motorcycle seized from the suspect.
The revolver and the motorcycle seized from the suspect. / SUR
  • The 22-year-old motorcycle rider was detained by officers in Marbella after his revolver jammed

When a 22-year-old British man on a motorcycle sparked a high-speed chase through the streets of Marbella and found he couldn’t escape the police, who were hot on his heels, he stopped, got off the bike and waited for them to catch up. When they did the young man put his hand in his waistband, pulled out a revolver, pointed his gun at the officers and then opened fire.

The incident happened at 4.25am last Saturday, when the Marbella Local Police had a breathalyser control set up in Plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra, and a black motorcycle turned around to avoid it, fleeing along Avenida Ricardo Soriano in the direction of Malaga.

The officers reported the suspicious behaviour to colleagues by radio and an unmarked patrol car that was in the area responded when the motorbike passed them. With the car’s police lights flashing a high-speed chase began but the bike sped up, joining the A-7 motorway.

Officers were catching up with the bike when they lost sight of it for a few moments. But just as they saw it again, the Brit had stopped, got off the motorcycle and let it fall to the ground. The man put his hand in his waistband, pulled out a revolver and pointed the gun at the officers, and opened fire.

Sources say the young man fired a shot, which missed its target, and the revolver jammed, so he could not continue firing it. The officers drew their weapons and ordered him to drop the gun, which he did although he tried to resist arrest.

Police found that the motorcycle was carrying a false registration plate and it matched the description of one stolen in Mijas a few days before.