Storm warnings for parts of Andalucía from Wednesday afternoon

Forecasters say the weather could also be unsettled at the weekend.
Forecasters say the weather could also be unsettled at the weekend. / SUR
  • Spain's state weather agency, Aemet, has set the probability of showers in Malaga province at 90 per cent on Thursday due to the arrival of a trough that will be accompanied by a drop in temperatures

The risk of heavy rain, storms and high temperatures will affect the northern third of the mainland Spain this Tuesday (15 June) as a result of the instability caused by an isolated depression at high levels of the atmosphere, according to the state weather agency, Aemet.

For now, Andalucía will escape this in stability and will enjoy a sunny day with temperatures of up to 29 degrees.

However, this fine weather will turn around in a matter of hours as the meteorology expert José Luis Escudero warns on his blog 'Storms and Lightning', that, as of Wednesday, a trough will bring with it "the probability of storms in the afternoon and during the early hours of Thursday in some parts of Andalucía."

“These stormy showers are more likely in the provinces of Granada, Jaén, Almeria and less likely in Malaga, but I do not rule them out in the eastern region. Also, on Thursday morning there could be lightning. It is very likely that storm warnings will be activated for Wednesday and Thursday," he adds.

For now, Aemet sets the probability of showers in Malaga city at 90 per cent from early Thursday to 12 noon , with temperature lows of 20 degrees and highs of 26.

According to Escudero, the weather trough could also destabilise the weather for the weekend.

"It is still not clear where it will position itself, but from Wednesday, with the updated models, we will see which areas of Andalucía will have more probability of stormy showers on Friday and the weekend," he concludes.