Police officer hit by car after school parking incident in Marbella


The driver accelerates towards the Marbella Local Police officer. / SUR

  • Witness captured the incident on video, and the driver was arrested after he had dropped his daughter off at a school in the town

Local Police in Marbella have arrested a car driver after he drove his vehicle at an officer outside the gates of a school in the Costa del Sol town.

The driver had just dropped his daughter off and the police officer warned him that he was illegally parked in a pedestrian zone and committing an offence - but the parent allegedly turned a deaf ear.

Given the attitude of the driver, the officer requested a tow truck to remove the car - although it didn’t arrive in time.

When the driver returned to the vehicle, without the little girl, he ignored the instructions of the officer who asked him for identification before running into him while trying to leave the area.

Several witnesses recorded the scene as the driver initially reversed his vehicle, before accelerating forwards hitting the officer on the knee, arm and right side. After taking several steps the injured policeman fell to the ground.

But the driver didn't get very far. A patrol from the Marbella Local Police found him next to the vehicle and arrested him for the alleged attack on their colleague and disobeying the instructions of a police officer.

The incident happened last Wednesday morning, 9 June, at the entrance to the Mario Vargas Llosa primary school on Calle Almensino.

The 36-year-old Spanish man has been summoned for trial next Monday - and after the arrest he admitted that he had become nervous.