British man, 31, in critical condition after a third-floor pool jump in Marbella

The seriously injured man was transferred to Malaga's Regional Hospital.
The seriously injured man was transferred to Malaga's Regional Hospital. / SUR
  • Paramedics spent more than 40 minutes at the scene stabilising the victim, who was partying with friends at a holiday apartment in San Pedro de Alcántara

A 31-year-old British man is in a very serious condition after supposedly attempting to jump from a third-floor holiday apartment into a swimming pool in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella.

According to SUR sources the victim has suffered multiple injuries, including severe head trauma and damage to his internal organs, as well as several fractures to the limbs.

The incident happened at about 7pm on Monday, 7 June, when sources say that the man was partying with friends when he decided to jump into the swimming pool from the third-floor terrace - a practice known as 'balconing'.

SUR sources said that the young man miscalculated the trajectory and fell on an umbrella in the pool area, and the emergency services were called.

Paramedics spent more than 40 minutes stabilising the victim at the scene before he taken to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella. He was then transferred to the Regional Hospital in Malaga because of his head injury and immediately admitted to an intensive care unit.

'Balconing' is a prohibited practice often linked to parties in hotels and holiday apartments that began to spread throughout Spain in 2012. Most of the reported cases have happened in the Balearic Islands, with Mallorca - and particularly Magaluf - at the epicentre of the craze. In 2018, eight young people died on the island and the same number were injured while practising 'balconing'.