Kidnapped man released four days after being snatched from Marbella

National Police officer. File photograph.
National Police officer. File photograph. / FRANCIS SILVA
  • The man, in his 30s, was treated for his injuries at a Malaga hospital

A man in his 30s was released this weekend in Malaga city some four days after being kidnapped in Marbella on the Costa del Sol.

The victim, of Belgian nationality, although of Northwest African origin, made his own way to the Malaga Regional Hospital to be treated for the blows suffered during his captivity.

The kidnapping happened on 1 June in Marbella and the National Police worked to locate and free the victim.

Either due to police pressure, or simply because the kidnappers got what they were looking for, the man was released this Saturday night (5 June) in the northern part of Malaga city and made his own way to hospital.

Officers have interviewed the man, who did not suffer serious injuries and he has already been medically discharged.