Drunk driver investigated after fatally running over his partner in Mijas

The Local Police station in Mijas.
The Local Police station in Mijas. / SUR
  • Spanish police said the two people involved in the reversing incident were both aged 51 and foreign

Police are investigating a fatal accident after a man was run over by a reversing vehicle, driven by his partner, on the Buenavista residential development in Mijas.

The pair were returning to their home and the vehicle, a large SUV, was being parked in the garage when the incident happened.

One of the men got out of the vehicle while the other drove the car into the garage, at which point the fatal accident happened at around 9pm on Sunday evening, 30 May.

The Local Police and Guardia Civil are investigating and sources have told SUR that immediately after the incident, the driver was breathalysed and tested positive, being some three times over the legal limit for driving.

He was charged with the offence of driving under the influence of alcohol and now, Local Police and the Civil Guard are trying to determine exactly what happened.

The driver insisted that his partner, also aged 51, got out of the car and he lost sight of him. It was not until he started reversing the SUV into the garage that he realised he had run him over.

Sources say that there were several witnesses to the incident, but they have given conflicting versions of what happened.