The rain in Spain makes an appearance again

File photograph.
File photograph. / ÑITO SALAS
  • The state weather agency is forecasting rainfall in Malaga province on Thursday and an expert says it could be 'muddy'

After several days of intense heat and clear skies, this Thursday (27 May) will see the return of rain in many parts of Malaga province.

The state meteorological agency, Aemet, is predicting rainfall from around noon and the probability ranges between 50 and 80 per cent, with the greatest chance in the inland areas such as the Axarquía and Ronda.

In addition, according to José Luis Escudero in his Storms and Lightning blog, this rain could be accompanied by ‘mud’ as a weather front coming from Africa will bring the rain.

The weather expert is also warning that a swell, generated by easterly winds, could bring higher waves to the coast.

Looking ahead to the weekend, the probability of rain disappears and only a little cloudiness is expected.

As for the temperatures, after a slight drop this Thursday, they will rise again from Friday, more so in inland areas which could see maximum temperatures of around 30 degrees on Saturday and Sunday.