Summer comes early and temperatures could hit 30 degrees in Andalucía this week

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File photograph. / SALVADOR SALAS
  • The good weather in the region is expected to last until Sunday when forecasters say that rain could return

Temperatures in the south of Spain could hit 30 degrees this week following a few days of ups and downs.

After the unexpected rain on the Costa del Sol on Monday the weather is expected to stabilise, with a general rise in both the minimum and maximum temperatures from this Wednesday, 5 May.

The highest temperatures in Malaga province are expected in Antequera and towns in the Guadalhorce valley and could hit 30 degrees. In Malaga city and on the Costa del Sol the state weather agency, Aemet, is currently forecasting 25 degrees.

Meteorology expert José Luis Escudero in his SUR blog Storms and Lightning says, “Starting tomorrow, but especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, summer is coming early in many parts of Andalucía. It will exceed 30 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley and in the interior of the Huelva province. The other provinces will also have a notable rise, with maximums between 26 and 30 degrees.”

He adds: “In Malaga it will be hot, especially in the Antequera area, where some areas will see between 28 and 30 degrees. In coastal areas, the temperatures will be between 25 and 27 degrees”.

But watch out for Sunday – Aemet is forecasting a possible change in the weather that could leave rain in parts of Malaga province.

Escudero agrees, “There is a probability of a change from Sunday or Monday in Andalucía, when a weather trough could affect us. This would bring with it a notable drop in temperatures and storms.”