Torremolinos fairground to become year-round cultural space

The feria space in Torremolinos where the casetas are located.
The feria space in Torremolinos where the casetas are located. / SUR
  • Four casetas that are currently closed have been put out to tender in a bid to boost economic activity

Torremolinos town hall has launched a project to transform the fairground into an year-round space for leisure, gastronomy and culture. The initiative is intended to attract visitors to the area in a bid to boost economic activity.

Four currently closed casetas have been put out for tender, which will be able to function 365 days a year, and not just during the romería and feria in September. Of the four establishments available to rent, three have an area of 250 m2, and one of 900 m2.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 10 May ( and the initiative is open to anyone so long as their proposal adheres to the rules set out by the cultural department. These will include that any alterations or decoration must respect the essence of the area, and that the prospective owner of the business must acquire the corresponding licenses and permits to enable the type activity the venue will offer. In addition, the contract states that during the week of the fair, the casetas will have to adapt to the specific regulations set out by the town hall.

"The intention is for the space to become a place of recreation for all ages, but especially for the young," councillor for Culture David Tejeiro said.