'We are doing everything humanly possible to survive'

President Gloria Uribe Cifuentes is appealing to the public for help.
President Gloria Uribe Cifuentes is appealing to the public for help. / SUR
  • Lux Mundi, Following almost 50 years of service on the coast, the ecumenical centre's president Gloria Uribe makes a desperate plea for help

After moving back into its old premises in Fuengirola, Lux Mundi has sent out a desperate appeal for volunteers and financial assistance to continue to offer a meeting point where unity is promoted by means of helping others. Like many charities along the Costa del Sol, the organisation's financial situation has worsened as all fundraising activities had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

SUR in English spoke with President Gloria Uribe Cifuentes, who showed her concerns for the future of the Fuengirola branch.

Why have you moved back into your old centre in Calle Nueva?

This was due to the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the fact that our ecumenical centre in the church cannot organise the regular activities anymore.

Do you think that Lux Mundi will survive the crisis?

We are doing everything humanly possible to survive, but it has been a particularly difficult time. We desperately need the help of all those who know the importance of Lux Mundi.

How has the pandemic affected the services you offer?

All activities have been suspended, so we are not getting any income. Our charitable work has also changed: unfortunately, the service of feeding the homeless was stopped in March 2020, and it is impossible to offer this kind of service with the very little resources we have.

What type of service are you currently able to offer?

Our boutique is open and the centre still hosts the AA and addiction meetings. Because our aim is to help those in need, we are giving non-perishable food to families through Cáritas and Adintre, but we are desperate for donations to help the hundreds of families in need in our town.

Is an appointment necessary?

No, but we prefer if people make an appointment. We can help with making appointments with different institutions, giving advice and offering translating services.

Are you offering online services?

We are starting with ecumenical training courses via the internet. We also offer a bimonthly newsletter where we inform people about our services and give information of interest.

How can people help?

We understand that people are themselves in extremely difficult situations, but we are in desperate need of volunteers and donations to help us survive this terrible period, and also to help others to do the same.