Man who allegedly fired the shot that killed a DJ in Marbella 'didn’t like the music'

Police investigators at the scene of the fatal shooting in March.
Police investigators at the scene of the fatal shooting in March. / JOSELE
  • Police have revealed more details about the illegal party and links to the Hells Angels

National Police investigations are continuing after the death of the DJ at an illegal party at a luxury villa in Marbella when he was hit by a bullet in the neck.

Within hours of the shooting on 29 March police arrested a 30-year-old German man who allegedly fired the shot, along with another man, in Malaga as they were planning to flee the country.

Initial investigations suggested that the DJ was hit in the neck by a stray bullet that pierced a plasterboard wall following an altercation in an adjoining room.

But now more details of investigations have been revealed.

Police say the event followed a pattern. Organisers would rent a luxury property and the party would be organised through messaging groups and flyers. Two DJs and an expensive sound system were booked, the location would be kept secret and the same venue would not be used twice. The business was hugely profitable and it is estimated that organisers raked in 20,000 euros per party.

According to police investigation the shooting happened during one of these secret parties at a luxury villa on the Guadalmina Alta residential development in Marbella.

Investigators claim the 30-year-old German suspect arrested for firing the fatal bullet is linked to the Hells Angels gang and, earlier in the evening, had threatened to kill the DJ JM Ares because, apparently, he did not like the music he was playing. However, police do not link these alleged threats with the shots fired and consider them more a ‘bravado’ on the part of the German man.

At around midnight the suspect allegedly pulled a out a gun, which has not been found, and fired two shots at the ceiling but one armoured bullet ricocheted and hit the DJ in the neck. The DJ collapsed in the kitchen and the estimated 30 to 40 people at the party all fled taking away all evidence of the event - even the DJ’s laptop.

“It has been difficult to get people to cooperate. There is a lot of fear”

But one person felt remorse and called the police. Officers believe that if they hadn’t and they had arrived at the crime scene later the body wouldn’t have been there.

During investigations police have, so far, recovered a Hummer that was used as a getaway vehicle, an automatic firearm, and a Hells Angels jacket.

A further eight people have been detained in connection with the shooting including the party organisers, another DJ and three security staff.

Deputy Inspector Garzó admitted, “It has been difficult to get people to cooperate. There is a lot of fear.”

Police investigations are also continuing to identify attendees of the party for not complying with the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.