Consumer group warns of 'alarming' increase in gas water heater complaints

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  • The cases relate to the installation or repair of boilers and most are from elderly people who live alone

The Union of Consumers in Malaga has warned of an "alarming" increase in complaints related to the repair and installation of gas water heaters in homes.

In the last two months, the group says a score of complaints have been received, some relating to the same installation company, and all of them have already been referred to the Junta de Andalucía "to monitor and sanction these actions".

The consumer association explains that in most cases users turned to the internet to find a company that would repair their faulty water heater.

But the consumer group said that they found in many cases that parts fitted did not comply with the regulations and, in a number of cases, they found that butane gas heaters had been fitted in a piped gas installation, or the jets had been tampered with "with the risk that such actions entail".

From consumer groups stressed the importance of always requesting a complaint form if the someone is unhappy with the service. It also advised always using trusted official installers, requesting a quote prior to the repair and an invoice at the end of the work to avoid unwanted problems.