Prison sentence handed down after a glass attack on an off-duty Costa de Sol policeman


The incident was captured on CCTV. / SUR

  • The officer needed cosmetic surgery to reconstruct his face and remove the seven-centimetre scar

An off-duty police officer who was trying to break up a fight in a Torremolinos nightclub had a glass smashed in his face that left him with a seven-centimetre scar that needed cosmetic surgery.

The events took place on 9 November, 2018 at the Parthenon nightclub, when he was leaving the premises at 4am in the morning and he tried to break up a fight on the terrace area.

He identified himself as a policeman and said that if they did not stop, they would all end up being arrested.

A 37-year-old Spaniard, according to court papers, took a glass from a table on the terrace and smashed it into the face of the off-duty officer.

The Malaga magistrates found the person guilty of the attack and handed down a three-and-a-half-year prison sentence and ordered the individual to compensate the local police officer 16,212 euros for the injuries suffered.

Although the sentence includes a man's name, the defendant is a transsexual woman, but the change hasn’t been reflected in her legal documentation yet.